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Advisory Services For Listed Companies

Services For Listed Companies

Good corporate governance is important for all types of companies. However, it is essential for listed companies not just from the regulatory point of view, but from the pure business point of view as well. Corporate Governance provides a company with a stable base from which to carry out its operations with clearly defined roles, authorities and necessary checks and balances. As such, corporate governance is a practical business tool and an integral component of a successful business. Better business performance leads to better return on investment, making corporate governance fundamental for investors. Corporate governance also provides for more transparency, accountability and higher standards of disclosure on which wise investors base their investment decisions. Companies that are highly transparent and attach considerable importance to good corporate governance standards invariably command a high premium in the capital markets because the investment appraisal exercise of such companies becomes more reliable and meaningful.

ICGZ Services For Listed Companies:

  • Corporate Governance Assessment
  • Board Evaluation.
  • Benchmarking against international, regional and domestic peers.
  • Reviewing annual reports, sustainability reports and other disclosures.
  • Developing corporate governance frameworks.
  • Drafting corporate governance manuals with key policies.
  • Formulating corporate governance development plans.
  • Supporting corporate governance Implementation
  • Professional development for Board Directors.
  • Training board/ corporate secretariess.