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Advisory Services State Owned Enterprises

Services For State Owned Enterprises

State owned enterprises (SOEs) play a critical role in the economy of any country as they are often present in strategically important sectors such as banking, oil and energy, infrastructure, public utilities and telecommunications. These SOEs are the principal entities that deliver many social goods and services to ensure quality of life of the citizen. Better performing SOEs will result in improved macroeconomic as well as government fiscal performance. Thus, it is important for policy makers to ensure that these companies are well governed.

ICGZ Services For State Owned Enterprises:

  • Corporate Governance Assessment
  • Parent / Subsidiary Governance
  • Developing Corporate Governance Manuals
  • Developing Corporate Governance Codes
  • Developing Codes of Conduct
  • Board Briefings
  • Assisting with implementing Corporate Governance frameworks
  • Benchmarking against international, regional and domestic peers
  • Conducting Country level surveys